Build Your Cathedral

When it comes to people, I’m of the belief that there’s a type of connection thats able to be forged in hardship, that’s stronger than many other kinds of gluable factors of a relationships or kinship out there.

Feeling very lucky that in my short twenty-something years of floating on this blue rock, I’ve been able to experience vast contrasting worlds and realities. On surface value, some periods of life may have seemed a bit worse for wear than others however, when taken from a view that focusses on gaining experiences and self-growth, you can’t really compare one to the other.

At the present moment my mind is fixed on one thing and one thing only; building my cathedral. Some people get the wrong idea when others harp on about their big dreams, as if its an entitled or narcissistic thing to want for yourself, to have the best of everything.

That so even if your core driving motivational factor for doing what you’re doing is that what you’re building is for the benefit of others more so than yourself, little bit ironic eh? In any event, I certainly don’t think it’s selfish to want more for ourselves and others.

This next story describes what I’m trying to say better than anything I can think of at the moment, so bear with me while I lift some text.

The author of the below parable is actually unknown, but it illustrates how various attitudes can have a significant impact on the work we do. It goes on to read:

“You know the story of the three brick masons. When the first man was asked what he was building, he answered gruffly, without even raising his eyes from his work, “I’m laying bricks.” The second man replied, “I’m building a wall.” But the third man said enthusiastically and with obvious pride, “I’m building a cathedral.” 

It has been a long road to get from having the mindset of the first man to the third.

For a long time I just saw myself as laying bricks; go to school, take a test, get a piece of paper, get a job, earn money, buy shit, etc.

Here, is when we’re battling self-doubt and insecurities. Thinking we’re not worthy of something grand or too incapable to obtain the best of the best. It’s hard being the first man.

After some ups and many, many downs, I then evolved into the second man, building a wall.

Pieces of life’s puzzle started to come together, I noticed what I thought were ‘accidents’ or ‘coincidences’ weren’t and that they all, later, became important lessons become relevant again when it was time to take the next step.

This starts, I believe, when you put in the hard work to get through all the emotional baggage you are carrying when you’re man numero uno. You grit it out, you sacrifice, you suffer, you build confidence and build courage.

Then hopefully, you can remain, consistently in the same space as third man building your cathedral.

You’re still laying the bricks, daily. You’re still building your life up wall by wall, but you now have the clarity and vision to see what you’re building before it’s been built.

When you’re man number three, other peoples doubts, life’s hardships, a lack of resources in any area doesn’t knock you off kilter, you pivot and try something else, because you see the end, you believe in your ability to get to the end and you know that damn thing is gonna get built.

Attitude, attitude is everything.




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