Hello, I’m Shaz. I push keys and words come out.

I’ve started this blog several times in the past then forgot about it, started it up again, tried a different approach to it, gave up, left it for ages, thought it’d be better in book form, didn’t end up finishing the book, found the blog again and now here we are.

This time, my motivation to ensure it sees the light of day was because it’s been years of having a bunch of thoughts and ideas swirling around in the mind but not landing on a page. Now, I’m out of excuses.

Part of it I think was also hoping and waiting that the community I was seeking would just show up and I can share all my swirls with them. But as I go I’m finding out, if something isn’t coming to you, it’s because you need to go to it. Make it, create it, see what happens.

I also succumbed to one of the biggest hurdles I think most people who are prone to introspection feel and that is of imposter syndrome.

Who am I to write publicly? I’m not a journalist or a big deal, why would anyone be interested? So after trying to run from this, I’ve returned, cause the intentions around wanting to try haven’t gone away.

I had to surrender to the fact that I gain many benefits from other people expressing themselves and sharing their slices of perspective, so if I know that if this is happening to me then the opposite of that exists by nature and I could be that for others.

In a nutshell, most things on here are the antithesis to the proverbial water cooler conversation. You’ll find crumbs of antagonism to the miserable contents of small-talk that has usurped our dialogues with one another, whether digitally or in person.

I write about life, lifestyles, ideologies, politics, psychology, travel, art, music, soul-soothing, mind-expanding, heart-centred things, things relevant to young people with an old heart living in the modern world.

Mi casa su casa.